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PS4 Pro won't play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs

PS4 Pro Releasing Earlier, but Misses out on Ultra HD Blu-ray

Posted by: Sean F, 16:21 AEST, Tue September 13, 2016

Sony chooses not to include Ultra HD Blu-ray playback in its new "4K" PS4 upgrade ... More

See how the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii sold in June 2012 based on figures released by NPD for the US market

June 2012 NPD US Video Games Sales Analysis

Posted by: Sean F, 12:14 AEST, Tue July 17, 2012

See how the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii sold in June 2012 based on figures released by NPD for the US market ... More

Sony's new portable PS Vita console will use a brand new proprietary memory format, and it won't work on PCs as a mass storage device to prevent hackers from getting access

Sony Does It Again: Goes With Expensive, Proprietary Memory Format For PS Vita

Posted by: Sean F, 17:25 AEDT, Sat December 3, 2011

Sony is using a new proprietary memory format for the PS Vita, abandoning its own MemoryStick format and the widely used SD format, due to performance and, more importantly, security concerns ... More

News Icon Limp PS3 Sales Forces Sony To Drop Prices

posted by: Andrew K, 04:24 AEST, Thu August 18, 2011

New PS3 pricing in the hopes of reversing a PS3 sales slump (in the United States), and also the announcement of a new PSP model

News Icon Sony Delays PlayStation 3D TV For After Christmas, PS Vita Can Do A 'Wii U'

posted by: Andrew K, 21:23 AEST, Fri August 5, 2011

Delay for PlayStation 3DTV, but PS Vita (plus a PS3) may do what the Wii U can do, months before the Wii U is released

News Icon Sony To Offer Free PS3/PSP Games As Compensation

posted by: Andrew K, 00:07 AEST, Tue May 10, 2011

Sony to offer free games, amongst other goodies, as a way of saying sorry to the millions of gamers affected by the PSN hack and outage

News Icon PSN Update: Still Down, Sales May Go Down, But OtherOS Back Up

posted by: Sean F, 15:16 AEST, Sun May 8, 2011

While Sony are still struggling to get PSN back and prevent a slump in PS3 sales as predicted by analysts, hackers have managed to successfully bring OtherOS back

News Icon Legal Setback For Sony In PS3 Jailbreak Case: Subpoenas Denied

posted by: Sean F, 14:15 AEDT, Fri February 11, 2011

Sony will not be able to get details of people who simply watched the PS3 hacking video on YouTube, or just tweeted about it, new court documents revealed.

News Icon Sony's Next Generation PSP, As Good As The PS3?

posted by: Sean F, 13:50 AEDT, Fri January 28, 2011

Sony's answer to the Nintendo 3DS, codenamed the Next Generation Portable, has quite a few innovations

News Icon PSP Gets Price Cut just Before Holidays

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:05 AEDT, Wed October 27, 2010

Sony has decided to knock $50 off the new PSP Go just in time for the holiday shopping season lowering the final price to only $199

News Icon TMPGEnc MovieStyle Updates to Version

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:25 AEST, Tue September 28, 2010

MovieStyle gives you the freedom to convert your video clips for your portable and HD digital devices without the hassle of complex video tools or multiple applications

News Icon PSP to Get Rear Touch Controls

posted by: Jonathan M, 11:43 AEST, Fri August 20, 2010

Its rumored that the next Sony PSP will have the ability to control gameplay with a touch-sensitive area on the back of the unit behind

News Icon PS3 & PSP to Get a Extended Warranty Plan

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:25 AEST, Tue May 4, 2010

Sony announced today that they will be offering personal protection plans for the PSP and PS3 that extend the manufacture warranty buy one or

News Icon RealView Brings 3D to your PSP Via V-Screen

posted by: Jonathan M, 08:17 AEDT, Tue December 29, 2009

RealView is working on a device that is supposed to add 3D to any PSP game, even video files

News Icon Logitech Developing UMD Add-On for PSP Go

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:47 AEDT, Thu December 3, 2009

Its being rumored that Logitech is developing an add-on UMD drive for the PSP Go portable gaming console, which has the ability to download

News Icon Nintendo Sales Drop 40%

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:02 AEST, Fri July 31, 2009

The economic recession has finally caught up with the once always on top Nintendo which saw a 40% drop in sales

News Icon PSP Go to Support Non-Gaming Apps?

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:25 AEST, Sat June 27, 2009

Sony is betting that offering applications that are non game related will help boost the PSP as a more all

News Icon Sony Responds to Activision Threat

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:19 AEST, Tue June 23, 2009

Activison, which is a leading game maker and has a partnership with Sony, threatened to quit producinng games for the PS3 console and

News Icon The PSP Go is a Go

posted by: Jonathan M, 10:10 AEST, Tue June 2, 2009

The rumors of the PSP Go have been confirmed by Sony themselves as they talk about the new hardware and all of its features

News Icon Big Plans for the New PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:45 AEST, Sat May 23, 2009

An anonymous post at a gaming blog showcased what looks to be the new PSP Go and some of the new features that is

News Icon New PSP for Christmas

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:16 AEST, Wed April 8, 2009

Sony has a new PSP in the works that sports dual thumb sticks and is supposed to be released by years end

News Icon PSP Comic Book

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:04 AEDT, Wed March 18, 2009

A new video from Sony suggests plans to mold the PSP into a modern age comic book

News Icon Touch Screen PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:00 AEDT, Wed January 28, 2009

Sony is about to shock the gaming community with its new PSP called "PSi" that is just 4.5" wide and has a 3" LCD

News Icon PSP Gets Firmware Update

posted by: Jonathan M, 09:11 AEDT, Wed January 21, 2009

The firmware for Sony's PSP has been updated to version 5.03 that brings with it more system stability

News Icon PSP-3000 Already Getting a Make Over

posted by: Jonathan M, 15:39 AEDT, Wed December 17, 2008

Sony is already planning a total makeover for the PSP-3000 and hopes to have the new PSP-4000 sometime in 2009

News Icon Anti Hack Firmware for PSP 3000

posted by: Jonathan M, 01:39 AEDT, Fri November 21, 2008

Sony issues a firmware update after the supposedly "unhackable" PSP 3000 was hacked

News Icon Tips, Tricks, Hacks for PS3, Wii, and XBOX

posted by: Jonathan M, 02:54 AEDT, Thu October 30, 2008

Here you will find 7 tips and tricks for the Wii, 17 for the XBOX, and 28 for the PS3 so that you can get the most out of your console

News Icon New PSP Firmware Causes Problems

posted by: Jonathan M, 06:11 AEDT, Sat October 25, 2008

Version 5.0 firmware that was just released for the PSP has been causing storage problems for users

News Icon Flash & DivX on Demand Added to PS3

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:26 AEDT, Sat October 18, 2008

With the release of new firmware , a whole slew of possibilities opened up for the PS3 and the PSP in the video content category

News Icon Details on the Latest Firmware for PSP & PS3

posted by: Jonathan M, 06:25 AEDT, Tue October 14, 2008

Learn about the new features and improvements that will come to the PSP & PS3 via a firmware upgrade

News Icon Nero LiquidTV / TiVo PC

posted by: Jonathan M, 08:17 AEST, Tue September 30, 2008

Record, Pause, and Rewind TV programs with your computer then export it to the PSP, iPod, or to

News Icon PSP-3000 Coming to Japan in October

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:26 AEST, Wed September 3, 2008

The new PSP-3000 boast several new features including a brighter screen, built in microphone, and

News Icon First Downloadable PSP Game is Out

posted by: Jonathan M, 06:00 AEST, Sat August 23, 2008

Like the PS3, the PSP now has the capability of downloading a full length game

News Icon New Sony PS3 & PSP Coming

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:05 AEST, Thu August 21, 2008

Sony just came out with a limited edition 160GB PS3 that comes bundled with the Drakes Fortune game, wireless controller, and

News Icon PSP Gets Google

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:16 AEST, Wed June 18, 2008

The PSP by Sony is getting a big update that also includes the new Google search function

News Icon Blu-ray Region Code Remover Updates to Version 2.3

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:37 AEST, Wed April 9, 2008

This program removes Blu-ray region code from Blu-ray rips on a hard disk drive to allow playback regardless of region setting of the player

News Icon Record to Your Mobile Device

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:30 AEST, Wed April 9, 2008

Sony will release Blu-ray recorders in Japan that allow for one-touch transfer to the PSP, Walkman, and select mobile phones

News Icon PSP + 3.93 = Internet Radio and Skype

posted by: Jonathan M, 06:11 AEDT, Fri March 21, 2008

Firmware Version 3.93 was released to PSP owners allowing 20 new internet radio players and more skype enhancements

News Icon Introducing Roxio Copy & Convert 3.0

posted by: Jonathan M, 03:13 AEDT, Fri February 29, 2008

Roxio Copy & Convert 3 can copy, backup, and convert your favorite movies & music to play on portable media players, mobile phones, the web, CD, or DVD

News Icon Blog: Game Consoles - October 2007 NPD Sales Figure Analysis

posted by: Sean F, 17:54 AEDT, Sat November 17, 2007

A look at US game console sales figures for the month of October - how is the PS3 doing? Is the Xbox 360 still the top selling console? Find out by reading this article

News Icon Blog: Game Consoles - September 2007 NPD Sales Figure Analysis

posted by: Sean F, 16:46 AEST, Mon October 22, 2007

Take a look at the US sales figures for video game consoles for the months of September. Find out who is really winning the next-gen war

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (21 October 2007)

posted by: Sean F, 17:34 AEST, Sun October 21, 2007

A roundup of all the news as featured on Digital Digest and the forum for the week ending on 21 October 2007

News Icon Blog: Weekly News Roundup (30 Sept. 2007)

posted by: Sean F, 17:48 AEST, Sun September 30, 2007

A roundup of all the news as featured on Digital Digest and the forum

News Icon Some Say Skinnier is Sexier

posted by: Jonathan M, 03:33 AEST, Fri September 28, 2007

From the reviews, they say it looks almost identical to its predesscor but, looks are decieving

News Icon PSP Takes Off Again

posted by: Jonathan M, 03:46 AEST, Tue September 25, 2007

The PSP surged in sales this weekend beating its big brother the PS3 and the Nintendo DS not to mention the redesign of the PSP to a much slimmer version

News Icon Just Released is Druid Video Converter

posted by: Jonathan M, 03:26 AEST, Wed August 22, 2007

Druid is an easy to use conversion tool for Microsoft Media Center editions, including

News Icon Cheaper PSP Coming Soon

posted by: Jonathan M, 02:11 AEST, Wed July 18, 2007

The move is an effort to better compete with Nintendo's hot-selling DS

News Icon New PSP Coming Soon

posted by: Jonathan M, 02:17 AEST, Sat July 14, 2007

Sony has admitted that its in the midst of designing a slimmer, lighter, and hi-definition compatible PSP

News Icon New Firmware Released for the PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:25 AEST, Mon June 25, 2007

Release the full processing power with this new firmware

News Icon DRM Free Music Downloads

posted by: Jonathan M, 00:59 AEST, Thu May 17, 2007 has intentions of creating a digital music download center where all music will be DRM free

News Icon The PSP Gets a Price Drop

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:26 AEST, Thu April 5, 2007

Sony cuts the price of the PSP down 15% and adds more games

News Icon New on the Scene for your PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 04:02 AEDT, Thu January 18, 2007

Moyea PSP Video Manager is freeware which can transfer PSP video files between your PSP and computer or vise versa with ease

News Icon Sony has Plans for the PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:27 AEDT, Tue December 19, 2006

Sony is expected to launch a new video download service centered around its PSP handheld device

News Icon Classic Games on your PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 01:53 AEST, Fri September 8, 2006

Sony is offereing a download service for your PSP that will allow you to get classic games and movies in UMD format

News Icon PSP Price Drop

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:48 AEST, Sat August 12, 2006

Sony is slashing the price down on the PSP for the holiday season

News Icon Sony's "White Model" PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 03:42 AEST, Tue July 11, 2006

Is it just a fancy cliché on words or is it a subliminal racist attempt

News Icon PSP Firmware Exploit

posted by: Jonathan M, 07:28 AEST, Thu June 29, 2006

Once implemented and fine tuned for "normal user" use, this will bring 2.50 and 2.60 Firmware up to the same homebrew capability that 1.50 PSP owners enjoy with FULL kernel mode access

News Icon PSP Firmware Update - Version 2.71

posted by: Jonathan M, 15:34 AEST, Fri June 2, 2006

New download allows game demos to be downloaded directly to memory stick, addresses LocationFree Player issue

News Icon PSP Mod-Chip

posted by: Jonathan M, 13:20 AEST, Tue May 30, 2006

World's First PSP Mod-Chip called Undiluted Platinum

News Icon PS3 Rumors

posted by: Jonathan M, 12:44 AEST, Sun May 28, 2006

Rumors floating around that the PS3 will not play rented or used games

News Icon Sony too Greedy?

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:01 AEST, Thu May 18, 2006

Revealing their price for the PS3, analyst say Sony could be slitting their own throat

News Icon Sony PSP Firmware Update

posted by: Jonathan M, 16:24 AEST, Wed April 26, 2006

New hardware update for Sony's handheld adds support for AAC audio, Macromedia Flash, podcasts, and LocationFree TV

News Icon Connect your PSP to the TV

posted by: Jonathan M, 15:39 AEST, Thu April 6, 2006

This opens the door for the game system’s library of 444 movies and TV shows on UMD and 107 PSP games to be played on TVs with these add-ons.

News Icon End of Sony's PSP

posted by: Jonathan M, 14:45 AEDT, Fri March 31, 2006

Sony PlayStation Portable's days as a hand-held movie-viewing device might be numbered

News Icon Music Downloads to Play on Any Platform

posted by: Jonathan M, 16:10 AEDT, Wed March 22, 2006

The French parliament has backed plans to give consumers more choice over music downloads from the internet.

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