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Classic Games on your PSP

Posted by: , 01:53 AEST, Fri September 8, 2006
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Sony is offereing a download service for your PSP that will allow you to get classic games and movies in UMD format
Now, in an interview (Japanese source) with the Japanese magazine NikkeiBP, Izumi Kawanishi, the head of platform development at Sony Japan, has announced that a new game download service for the PlayStation Portable will be released in November. The service will make its debut in conjunction with the worldwide launch of the PlayStation 3.

According to Kawanishi, the new service will work either through a PC with a broadband connection, or through the PlayStation 3 itself. The user will be able to download games designed for the original PlayStation 1, which according to the Sony head works well.

"As for emulation power there is no problem," he said, although he added that some changes have to be made to the games because the PSP only has a single analog stick and fewer control buttons than the PS1. He did not mention which titles would be made available, but he mentioned how Amazon had a list of "all books," indicating that Sony probably wants to put a large number of games on the service.

Credit: ars technica


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