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Connect your PSP to the TV

Posted by: , 15:39 AEST, Thu April 6, 2006
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This opens the door for the game system’s library of 444 movies and TV shows on UMD and 107 PSP games to be played on TVs with these add-ons.
The accessories, along with a price drop of PSP hardware to $200, could help a waning business. PSP Adapter Hollywood studios have slowed down their support for the format for a variety of reasons, including slow sales. Still, Sony said PSP’s North American hardware and software sales amounted to $1.6 billion in 2005.

Nyko Technology’s Play on TV Adapter ($80) and Digital Innovations’ GameDR ScreenMax Video Transmission System ($70) are available now. Nyko’s device features patented CCD sensor technology that connects the PSP to any TV or home theater system with the RCA cables that come with the device. Movies or games will play back on the TV in stereo, and can be connected straight to any surround sound system. Digital Innovation’s device covers the PSP screen and sends a digitized picture to the TV. More...

Credit: Home Media Retailing


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