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Copying DVD's & TV Shows Legally

Posted by: , 13:53 AEST, Wed June 7, 2006

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Wal-Mart and other franchise stores are trying to make a deal with Hollywood about coping movies and TV shows onto DVDs and devices in the store
In a bid to preserve shelf space and fight slowing DVD sales, major retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. have held talks with Hollywood's studios to develop kiosks where consumers can copy movies and TV shows onto DVDs and other devices.

Retailers have used discounted DVDs to lure customers to stores and sell them other goods. But increasingly, Hollywood's studios are starting to offer digital downloads of films, TV shows and videos to cell phones, PCs and laptop computers. More...

Credit: Reuters


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posted by: Jonathan M, 05:31 AEST, Tue June 27, 2006