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RealView Brings 3D to your PSP Via V-Screen

Posted by: , 08:17 AEDT, Tue December 29, 2009
Tags: 3D, Gaming, PSP

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RealView is working on a device that is supposed to add 3D to any PSP game, even video files

The 3D device won't be out until January of next year but, a select few have already been sent a prototype model.

It seems a bit bulky (which defeats the purpose of a portable gaming system), as it is just a large lens surrounded by plastic but, the visual appeal it adds to games, by adding depth to images and video, negates it large form factor.

The 3D effect was very noticeable in racing games, particularly  Gran Turismo and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. The games looked bright, clear, and above all there was a nice 3D effect given to the track and the cars on it.

The expected retail price of this V-Screen device is around $40.


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