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Sony has Plans for the PSP

Posted by: , 14:27 AEDT, Tue December 19, 2006
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Sony is expected to launch a new video download service centered around its PSP handheld device
Sony Pictures plans to launch a online video downloading service next year in hopes of projecting PSP sales. Sony wants the public to realize the PSP is not just a portable game console, its a "Multi-Media Device".

The online video service lets customers download a movie from the Internet to their computer then transfer it via Memory Stick Duo to the PSP. The 4GB Memory Stick Duo will generally hold up to about 10 movies.

A important factor for consumers is the service will already work with more than 20 million of the aleady sold PSP's. Content from Sony Pictures would be made available via the download service, and the consumer electronics giant is reportedly still negotiating with other studios to sell or rent their titles on the PSP. The company is also in talks with Amazon, CinemaNow, and Movielink to tie their movie download services to the PSP. Movie pricing is not yet known, but it is expected to be in line with other download services.



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