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XBOX 360 Elite Will Be Here in April

Posted by: , 02:31 AEST, Thu March 29, 2007

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Microsoft said it will begin selling a new version of its Xbox 360 console that transmits high-definition video and comes with a larger hard drive
Microsoft will be releasing a new supped up version of the XBOX called the "Elite". This new "Elite" version will come standard with a 120 GB and a high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, which are both mainly for XBOX's Live Video Marketplace.

The "Elite" will make its debut April 29th for a retail price of $479. The "Elite" will also come standard in a sleek all black finish & a wireless controller and headset.

If your determined to get a bigger hard drive for your XBOX, there is always the 120GB hard drive you can buy but, just the hard drive add on cost $180.

You would be better off selling your current XBOX and buying the "Elite" version.



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