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New Model XBOX to be Released

Posted by: , 07:01 AEDT, Fri March 23, 2007
Tags: Xbox 360

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Nicknamed "Zephyr", this sleek black XBOX will be sporting a new HDMI port and a much needed 120GB hard drive and faster processor
Game Informer has catapulted the hysteria around Zephyr, the new black HDMI-capable Xbox 360, with their April cover, which features the first “official” photo of the improved console.

According to Engadget, the new Xbox 360 was supposed to feature not only a HDMI port and a 120 GB hard drive, but also a new 65nm processor.

Microsoft is indeed preparing a limited edition of its popular gaming console, dubbed Elite, which is supposed to come out in April.

Apparently, it will be equipped with an external 120GB HDD, which will eliminate the internal HDD, and besides offering the HDMI port and its additional cable, it will be priced at $479.

Engadget also added that the Elite edition will be released in limited supply. Once sold out, Zephyr- the code name for the HDMI Xbox 360- will become the new Premium pack, meaning that any Premium Xbox 360 will come with the bigger hard drive and HDMI support. Rumor has it that the revised Premium pack will be available this summer/autumn and initially will retail at the $479 price point.


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