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Fact or Fiction

Posted by: , 07:09 AEST, Sat October 21, 2006
Tags: Xbox 360

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Is Microsoft really planning on replacing the current 20GB HDD to a 100GB HDD or was it just a fictious rumor
XBOX 360 Premium Edition

The latest rumor was started by a "Best Buy" employee in New Jersey. Here it is:

I work at bestbuy, Store located in New Jersey. Our Microsoft rep contacted our store, and spoke to my supervisor and told him that if we receive any xbox 360 Premiums, to hold them and cannot sell them until the end of March, she stated that the reason for this was because the xbox 360 premiums would be shipped with 100 gigabyte HDDs, instead of the 20 GIG HDDs avalible now, she also said that the 100 gig HDD premiums would sell for the same price of $400. In bestbuys retail weekly i also read that in the beginning of April bestbuy is doing a promotion from April 2nd until April 15th, this promotion has to do with the media department only, they stated that we will have a huge inventory of xbox 360s. I know that bestbuys inventory and promotion news is 100% offical, but the 100 GIG HDD is not 100% offical, but seems very likely.

That post has created a feeding frenzy of angry XBOX customers wanting to know if there is any truth in that statement. Reason being is, XBOX Hard Drive if its true and they just bought a XBOX with a basic 20GB hard drive, they are going to be quite upset! I'd say about half of XBOX owners say they will never use even half of thier current capacity. Well, if they ever decide they want to download full games, downloadable content,game mods or game demos (which range from 50MB to 800MB) then they have no choice really to upgrade to a bigger hard drive.

This is Microsofts XBOX gaming divison's offical response:

To answer this rumor getting a lot of steam: during April, will Xbox 360 will come bundled with a 100 gig hard drive? No. Not true. False. Here's the official statement: We haven’t announced any additional hard drives for the Xbox 360 beyond the 20GB version available today.

We all kinda knew that larger hard drive would become available for the XBOX 360 but, early XBOX buyers might be just a tad upset.



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