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Sony is Committing Suicide

Posted by: , 00:00 AEST, Tue July 4, 2006

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Analyst say Sony will finish dead last in the game console war between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony
While many would love to see someone come out with some sort of Game Console War "Everybody is a winner, hooray!" scenario, the simple truth is one company is going to be declared the loser. Though the finish line is still far down the road, industry analysts are already predicting who will break the tape and who will bring up the rear.

Sony has clearly been the favorite in recent years thanks to the unparalleled success of its PlayStation and PlayStation 2, but one analyst firm believes that the company may tumble down from the top of the heap. In a memo sent out today, San Diego-based DFC Intelligence explained how Sony could go from first to worst.

Though the memo contains the disclaimer that the prediction is "only one of several possible scenarios," DFC appears to be leaning towards Microsoft and Nintendo coming out on top through the next generation. More...

Credit: Game Spot


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