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Nintendo Wii to Launch Early

Posted by: , 13:33 AEST, Thu July 6, 2006

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Analyst say Nintendo could release their new game console soon
If Wii watchers were happy when Sports Illustrated for Kids came out with a November 6 release date for the system, they'd likely be elated to read a new CNN/Money report from Chris Morris that suggests the console could arrive as soon as late September. In his article, Morris points out that the Xbox 360 went on sale 69 days after manufacturing of the system began. He then cites a June 21 analyst report from American Technology Research's P.J. McNealy indicating that the Wii has already entered manufacturing. McNealy is quoted in the article as saying that October is "a reasonable time frame" for the release. Morris also cites other, unnamed industry insiders as expecting a September or October launch for the system. More...

Credit: Game Spot


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