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Wii Ask Wii

Posted by: , 12:47 AEST, Fri August 25, 2006

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Everyone is wanting to ask why Nintendo refuses to give us a official launch date of their new gaming console, the Nintendo Wii
Melissa from Web show GameLife posted an e-mail she received from Nintendo that invited her to a Wii launch party in Los Angeles...on November 17.

The date is no doubt familiar to gamers as the day the PlayStation 3 launches, but is it also the day the Wii launches? By all accounts, it would appear so. So that's it, case closed, right?

Not so fast. As reported by several gaming sites, Nintendo is also holding an event in New York City on September 14 which will be hosted by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. With Nintendo promising to release information on the console's price and release date in September, the smart money is that the NYC event will be the place the final details of the Wii are out of the bag. More...

Credit: Game Spot


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