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Windows Vista Beta 2 - Review

Posted by: , 08:16 AEST, Sun June 11, 2006

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Found out the pros and cons to the new operating system
Hello Vista

The installation procedure was leaps and bounds beyond that of Windows XP’s. For a second I felt as if I was installing a new version of Linux. Having launched setup I typed in my serial number, fed Windows my SATA RAID driver, selected the required partition and started installing. One reboot later everything seemed to be going OK until I was asked to type-in a user name.

Tap, tap, tap, my trusty USB Mac keyboard (yes, I use a Mac keyboard on my PC) didn’t respond. Just as I was about to curse Microsoft, Asus and Apple I realized that my USB mouse was still OK. I used it to call-up accessibility options and place a virtual keyboard on my screen. That actually worked pretty well as I managed to finish my installation. Click here to read the rest of the review.

Credit: The Inquirer


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