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Windows Vista Beta 2?

Posted by: , 16:41 AEST, Tue May 2, 2006

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"There will be other opportunities to test drive Windows Vista at a later date so please be sure to check back again later."
All indications point to an imminent release of Vista Beta 2. Microsoft's beta registration site mentions an "upcoming public beta" release of the operating system, in addition to betas of Office 2007 (formerly codenamed Office 12) and Exchange Server "12". The registration site requires the user to be from the United States, Canada, or Latin America, but as the registration is all done through e-mail it should be available even to users not in these regions.

When can we expect to see in Windows Vista Beta 2? Probably some time this month, if all goes well. Exactly what it will look like is not yet known, but if the recent Build 5365 is any indication, the sidebar is back, with Dashboard-like widgets. The user interface has also been cleaned up a bit, with shiny new icons and a more subtle coloring scheme. More...

Credit: ars technica


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