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TiVo Loses Battle Against DISH

Posted by: , 10:21 AEST, Wed June 9, 2010

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The patent office rejected two patent claims from TiVo in a battle with Dish Network and EchoStar over digital video recorders

TiVo has accused EchoStar's Dish Network of infringing technology used in TiVo's "Time Warp" software, which allows users to record one television program while watching another.  The patent office reviewed the claim and has found there was not a violation of copyright infringement.

"While TiVo is disappointed with this recent PTO office action, this is just one of several steps in the review process."

TiVo says they will continue to work with the patent office to explain the validity of their claims under review although Dish Network was ecstatic with the ruling hoping this would eventually reinforce their claims that they have never infringed on TiVos copyrights.


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