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New Sensor Converts Cellphone to SLR Camera

Posted by: , 05:19 AEDT, Tue March 23, 2010

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The new QuantumFilm image sensor, by InVisage, could bring professional camera features to high-end mobile devices like your iPhone

InVisage said the QuantumFilm sensor has four times the performance of existing silicon sensors and is based on "quantum dot" nanocrystals.

The new sensor is based off "quantum dots", which are nanocrystals made up of highly sensitive semiconductors that capture the light imprint of an image (yes I agree, its way over my head).

InVisage says smart phones in general can only capture about one-quarter of the light falling on a surface while the new  QuantumFilm sensor can capture 90 to 95 percent, making a drastic difference in image clarity.

Right now the company is has it eyes on a wide range of devices, including automotive and security cameras, and military applications, but who knows what they might actually use.


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