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Microsoft Debuts Windows Mobile 7

Posted by: , 07:12 AEDT, Tue February 16, 2010

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Microsoft has spilled some of the beans about Windows Mobile 7, its new revolutionary, built from the ground up, trend setting mobile operating system

Microsoft has spilled some of the beans about Windows Mobile 7, its new revolutionary, built from the ground up, trend setting mobile operating system.

Microsoft has completely revamped the user interface, no more "Start" button but with the biggest difference being that the OS is now touch friendly, which eliminates the old school stylus pen.

The main screen, aka the Quick Launch screen, is far different than the original Windows Mobile start screen you are accustom to. Large, colorful tiles serve as shortcuts to your most-used or favorite apps or Web sites.

The shortcut tiles will automatically update to reflect changes in real time.  Example being if one of your shortcut tiles is a friends facebook page and they change their profile picture, your shortcut tile will automatically update to mirror this (especially helpful if you are a stalker).

The new OS resembles and feels very much like the new Zune HD.  On top of the previously mentioned features, you also get Xbox Live integration for gaming and management of your profiles, avatars, and other information.

Although there is still some information we do not know about the new mobile operating system, below is a quick list of the most anticipated features we do know:

  • High resolution, capacitive, multitouch display with gestures that are similar to those in Windows 7 PC operating system
  • Each handset will have the same three dedicated buttons: start, Bing search,  back button
  • UI is touch-friendly throughout the entire OS, no stylus is needed
  • Personal and business information is integrated on the handset, emphasis on the dual function of the handset as a personal and business device
  • New scrolling, tile based interface for the start screen that dynamically displays updated content and can be customized to display the tiles relevant to each user
  • Phone/address auto-detection that links to dialer and map application
  • Application bar at the bottom of each application that gives the user quick access to the most used functions within an application
  • Bing search with geolocation to provide local results, directions, and business/restaurant reviews
  • Focus on efficiency that minimizes the number of touches to perform actions
  • Web browser is based  upon desktop Internet Explorer code with improved text rendering technology to make web browsing easier
  • Focus on the phone as an integrated device with different experiences organized into seven core hubs including
    • people (social networking integration)
    • pictures (view/share pictures between phone, desktop, and social networks)
    • games (Xbox live games and service)
    • music + video (Zune)
    • marketplace (application store)
    • office/productivity (Sharepoint/Exchange support)
  • Tighter control over the phones with a minimum hardware definition for handsets to provide a consistent design experience for the user while allowing manufacturers and operators some flexibility to customize the handsets without changing the underlying core
  • Windows Live service integration
  • No Adobe Flash support in version 1 of the OS
  • Close partnership with AT&T and Orange


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