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Get Ready for "Epix"

Posted by: , 09:38 AEDT, Thu January 29, 2009

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A joint venture between three movie studios will launch online, offering access to some 15,000 movies and provide original TV programming

The join effort of Viacom, MGM, and Lions Gate, called Studio 3 Networks, said that the online service will provide original TV programming as well as on-demand movies over the Internet, with a distribution deal on cable networks expected to come later in the year.

Studio 3 plans to launch the broadband version of epix around May, with a cable launch during the end of 2009. At the time of launch, consumers will have "immediate access" to feature films from the three studios.

Box office hits like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,and Cloverfield, and even classic films such as James Bond movies and the Indiana Jones series will also be available.


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