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On2 *VS* H.264

Posted by: , 04:38 AEST, Wed September 17, 2008
Tags: DVB

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The On2 codec requires up to %50 less data than H.264, plays back using up to %50 fewer CPU cycles than H.264, and broadcast quality in 720p in 1200kbps
The latest generation proprietary video compression format from On2,  VP8™ introduces more than 40 new innovations to the well established technologies used in On2 VP6 and VP7. Including golden frames, processor-adaptive realtime encoding and a low-complexity loop filter, On2 VP8 delivers outstanding quality at low bitrates with very low complexity.
Designed with a wide range of machines in mind, from 100 MHz ARM 9 processors to today's highly parallel multicore processors. It encodes in realtime on low end machines, and takes fewer cycles to decode than other leading algorithms.


Through exceptional compression performance, On2 VP8 brings potentially huge savings in bandwidth and storage costs. Its computational efficiency lowers the cost of encoding by enabling greater throughput. And with no patent-pool royalty hassles, VP8 licensing terms are flexible and affordable to ensure maximum ROI potential.


The video below demonstrates the comparative visual difference between VP8  and H.264 at the same datarate. The source videos were 1080p and encoded to H.264 (using build r915 of the x264 encoder, set to HQ 2 pass) and VP8 at a bitrate of 2mbps.


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