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More HD in U-verse

Posted by: , 07:13 AEDT, Wed December 19, 2007
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AT&T announced today that its U-verse TV package will include eight more high definition channels, bringing the service a total of 40 HD channels
AT&T reassured everyone of its commitment to the all-in-one (internet, cable, phone) service last week, called V-verse, saying it anticipated one million subscribers by the end of 2007

U-verse is a package that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of our new AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T Yahoo! High-speed Internet U-verse Enabled service with the reliability of AT&T’s classic voice service.

The debut of U-verse took off rather slow but it gaining momentum, especially when compared with Verizon's FiOS. To attract more consumers, AT&T is now claiming to have more HD channels than any of its competitors.

The new additions are as follows:
  • Animal Planet HD
  • CNN HD
  • Discovery HD
  • Science Channel HD
  • Starz Kids & Family HD
  • Superstation WGN HD
  • TLC HD
  • Versus HD
  • Golf Channel HD.


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