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Why You Don't Need HD

Posted by: , 14:37 AEST, Sun May 14, 2006

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Why you shouldn't spend your hard earned cash on this new technology called "High Definition (HD)"
Do you own a TV larger than 42" ? If your answer is "No", then don't even bother trying to go the HD route. You won't utilize half of the enhancements HD offers.

Lets say you do have a TV that is 42" or bigger. Does it have a "HDMI" connector? If it doesn't, you won't be able to get true high definition. Even with component or a S-Video cable your only going to get 1/4 of the video quality.

Are you willing to spend that much cash on the losing horse? Example, if you go out and buy a Blu-ray player and HD-DVD wins. You will be a proud new owner of the 2000 version "Betamax".

Credit: jmet


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