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RAD Video Tools Updates to Version 1.9a

Posted by: , 04:28 AEDT, Wed November 7, 2007

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RAD Video Tools are a set of utilities for handling video, animation, and sound data that allows you to convert video from one format to another (eg. MOV to AVI)
The RAD Video Tools are a set of utilities for processing video, animation, and sound data. They feature both of our video codecs: Bink Video, our latest 24-bit true-color codec, and Smacker, our 8-bit 256-color codec.

Bink Video is a "better-than-DVD" video codec. That is, it compresses better than DVD at up to three times the playback speed!

Bink is a hybrid block-transform and wavelet codec that can encode your video using 16 different compression techniques (wavelet, DCT, motion compensation, a variety of vector quantizers, Smacker-style, and more). With all of these techniques in one codec, Bink can handle pretty much any type of video.

It also has a psycho-acoustic based audio codec that is capable of 8 to 1 perceptually lossless compression, so your audio will sound as good as your video looks!

The official change log for version 1.9a is as follows:
  • The big asynchronous decompression release! Bink now supports built-in background decompression on Windows, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 (using SPUs). All of this is done super cleanly, it requires very few code changes, and you don't have to do any direct multi-threaded coding at all.
  • Added SPU decompression support on the PS3 - Bink now takes no PPU time at all! You can play up to ten 1280x720 on the six SPUs at the same time, or up to 36 640x480 movies simultaneously! The PS3 is really fast when you can harness the SPUs.
  • Added support for background decompression on Windows. All games should use threaded decompression now - it is faster even on single core CPUs (because the blitting takes place concurrently with decompression). The standalone Bink Player has also been threaded.
  • Dropped the requirement to do a Sync_Bink_textures on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. We now do the cache flush ourselves in the codec (which is faster).
  • Added some clean-up code to the Draw_Bink_textures function on Wii, so that the GX API isn't left in such a weird state.
  • Added a FrameChangePercent field to the Bink structure, so you don't have to calculate it with the BinkGetRects function.
  • Added some optimizations on Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows 64. Cartoon style videos are up to 15% faster.
  • Added support for background decompression on the Xbox 360.
  • Fixed the sound sync on PSP after resuming from a paused state.
  • In creating the SPU version, cut the library code/static data size by about 20K on all platforms.
  • Put more runtime temporary data on the stack - this saved about 26K of data previously allocated in BinkOpen.
  • No longer allocate the delta mask plane unless you call BinkGetRects or BinkCopyToBuffer - otherwise we save another 8K or so.
  • Added the total video time in the file info window.
  • Show the video name in the Bink Player window.
  • Added support for Miles 7.1b.
  • Switched to the August Xbox 360 SDK.

You may download this updated version here.


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