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DVD Jon Cracks the iPhone

Posted by: , 05:53 AEST, Fri July 6, 2007
Tags: iPod, Other

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Activation of the iPhone has just got alot easier and cheaper thanks to DVD Jon, which is the same guy who broke CSS on DVD's for us
Right now you have to spend at least $500 to $600 on just getting the iPhone, then sign a 2 year minimum contract, then pay another $175 if you decide you want out of the contract.

Now to mention all of the personal information you have to give AT&T, including your social security number.

DVD Jon has activated a iPhone without doing all that. The downside is that the telephone capabilities of the iPhone do not work.

However the WiFi & iPod capabilities work just fine thanks to the hack.

This is only the beginning! Give it a couple of weeks, and there will definitely be more to come on this issue, either from DVD Jon himself or via another hacker!



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