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The Real Scoop on Piracy

Posted by: , 13:21 AEDT, Wed January 3, 2007

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The low down on how pirates work and how rich they are getting selling knock offs of everything from DVD's to watches
Almost everything can be copied or counterfeited, from watches to clothes to DVD's. These pirates are getting richer than the companies who originally designed this stuff. These pirates sell all over the world, everywhere from under ground black markets to your typical street corners.

One of the most lucrative place to sell pirated inventory is Osan Korea. Reason being is there is an American Air Force base there. Songtan City is just outside the gates of the base and is the most popular shopping and night life area for Americans stationed or living at Osan Air Base. Amazing deals can be found on anything and everything!

The odd and mind boggling things is that the RIAA and MPAA both know this type of business transactions go on everyday yet they do nothing about it. However they will go after innocent women and children (even deceased people) for petty file sharing allegations.

It just doesn't make since to me. Why are they deliberately looking the other way on this issue?



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