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Blockbuster Bets on Blu-Ray Winning

Posted by: , 04:19 AEST, Tue June 19, 2007

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Movie rental chain Blockbuster has decided to make Blu-ray the next-generation HD format of choice in its 1,700 corporate-owned stores
Come July, Blockbuster will be stocking over 170 Blu-Ray movies with more on the way as they are released. According to them, when they did offer both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray was rented more.

Blockbuster noted that demand and has since made the statement
"We intend to meet the demands of our customers and based on the trends we're seeing, we're expanding our Blu-ray inventory to ensure our stores reflect the right level of products,"

Although, Blockbuster is playing it smart by still offering HD-DVD movies. Seeing how there is no definite winner yet. HD-DVD rentals will only be available through the online rental service though.



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