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Samsung Releases their Dual Format Player

Posted by: , 05:48 AEST, Sat April 14, 2007

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Samsung will release the BD-UP5000, a dual player that will be capable of playing both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs
The Duo HD (BD-UP5000) will join LG's Multi format player as one of the few dual-format players available on the market. The new Duo HD joins Samsung’s next generation DVD line-up which includes Samsung’s second generation Blu-ray player available at retail this month. Together, these two models offer the consumer a strong line of High-Definition players to match Samsung’s award winning, and best selling, line of HDTVs.

As prices drop, hybrid players may make a dent in the format war and provide a modest bit of momentum for the next-generation formats. But they will also remain a niche product, given that many of the other manufacturers like Sony and Toshiba have thrown their whole weight behind one format or another.


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