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Vista Codec Package Released

Posted by: , 03:03 AEDT, Sat February 3, 2007

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Vista Codec Package takes the best codecs and settings and allows playback of DVDs and other movie formats in Windows Vista
Windows Vista has the same problem with Windows XP and earlier Windows platform operating system, that’s all of them doesn’t come prepackaged or preinstalled with all the codecs (coder-decoder) needed to play various media files that popularly used and widely found on the web. Such codecs include Quicktime, Ogg Vorbis, Flash Video, Xvid, DivX, AC3, Real Media and etc.

If you don’t have a specific codec which requires to playback a video or audio files or view the images or pictures, you won’t be able to open the files in media players meaningfully. The video may be played with sound only without motion video, or simply give not supported codec error for audio and image files.

Vista Codec Package is a free codec pack (freeware) for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows NT that intends to solve this problem. With Vista Codec Pack package installed, you won’t need to install any other codec or filter. The codec pack combines all the best and popular codecs available in the world.

The author also tracks down the latest updates to the codecs used in the pack, and tests their functionality before been updated and included in the package, plus resolve all possible conflicts. Beside, while compile all codecs into a single pack, default settings are implemented.

You may download Vista Codec Package here.


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