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This guide covers burning a compliant DVD with the full DVD structure, such as multiple .bup, .ifo, and .vob files using Nero Burning ROM (You may have a older version but, the steps will be generally the same if not exactly). If your burner supports bitsetting, Nero can automatically booktype it to DVD-ROM where it will virtually play on any DVD player. (NOTE: Booktyping is only for DVD+R media. Do not attempt to booktype a DVD-R disc, you will only end up with a ruined disc.)

Software you will need:
Nero Burning ROM (Part of the Nero 6 Ultra Edition or Nero 7 Ultra Edition package)

Go ahead and start up Nero Burning ROM from the start menu, not Nero StartSmart. If your using Windows XP, you would click Start > All Programs > Nero > Nero 6 or 7 Ultra Edition > Nero Burning ROM. As soon as it starts up, the "New Compilation" wizard should start up (red), if it doesn't just click "File", then "New". (Screen Shot Below)



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