My name is Xiao Fang and I’m the webmaster/owner of Digital Digest. I post under the nick DVDGuy on Digital Digest, and “admin” on the forum. This is my personal blog on things that are related (and sometimes unrelated) to the topics covered on Digital Digest, which also happen to be my areas of interest. So on this blog, you can read my drivel on things such as gaming, movies, video technology, copyright issues and other crap …

I own a Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. And I also have the HD DVD add-on drive for the 360. I currently have¬†these Blu-ray movies, and these HD DVD ones.¬†This is not to brag, but I believe that in order for my opinions here to carry some weight, it’s essential that I disclose what products I own and use as to not be labeled a “fanboy” (although I do have my preferences, as any normal human being would, although this is not saying that I’m normal or anything).

I have another blog which is dedicated to my other passion, that of supporting Arsenal (an English Football club).

About this blog

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