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Easily convert your DVD's, DVB captures and many more formats into MPEG-4 like DivX, XviD and x264
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 2.2.0 (details)
OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Open Source
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Download: StaxRip-v2.2.0-x64.7z   StaxRip-v2.2.0-x64.7z

Description:Download StaxRip - .NET Framework Version 2.0 required
Version:2.2.0 (added Mar 27, 2021 - view changelog)
Size:214.72 MB

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Main Screen
Main Screen


With StaxRip you can easily convert your DVD's, DVB captures and many more formats into MPEG-4 like DivX, XviD and x264. As a open source application StaxRip is completely free.

  • No spyware, adware or any other form of malware.
  • Open Source, Freeware.
  • No registry bloat, settings are saved in files within the application's directory or within the user directory. No lost settings after a fresh windows installation.
  • No awkward setup/installer, no system changes, system bloat and trash.
  • Easy to use and highly versatile and customizable.
  • Reasonable default values for filters, codecs etc.
  • Rich help system including, online help (assistant), context sensitive help and forum support.
  • Rich and convenient cutting facilities e.g. to remove ads.
  • Batch processing (jobs).
  • Rich feature set to manage, integrate and download required third party application transparently instead of awkward or dangerous codec packs or application packs.
  • AviSynth powered to achieve excelent video quality and support of almost any source format.
  • Rapid development using the latest and greatest technology .NET Framework 2.0
  • Reportet bugs get fixed quickly, often a new version is available on the same day!
  • Many feature requests get incorporated very quickly.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: DVB, DVD, MPG
Output Files: AAC, AC3, AVI, DivX, H.264, MKV, MP3, MP4, OGG/OGM, Xvid

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP

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Revision History:

Version 2.2.0
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2021
  • Download(s):
    • Might break settings from previous version, so starting with new settings is recommended
    •  Might break templates and jobs from previous version
    •  Changed menus from previous versions that need a menu reset, manual setting or global settings reset in order to see them
    • Start of new versioning (no beta versions anymore, but stripped DEV versions)
    • Check for updates updated to support new versioning (Dendraspis)
    • Fix re-calculation of video bitrate on multi-pass encode and audio encodes (Dendraspis, #580
    • New projects use Copy/Mux as audio profile (Dendraspis)
    • Fix misleading audio stream delay detection (Dendraspis)
    • Demuxing of video and chapters is set via Options window instead of Preprocessing (Dendraspis)
    • Add option to demux subtitles without including them (Dendraspis, #622
    • Make Checkboxes grow and shrink with UIScaleFactor (Dendraspis)
    • Fix menu button graphics issue (Dendraspis, #623)
    • New Check for updates dialog (Dendraspis)
    • Extended Settings Directory Location Selection at first run from new folder (Dendraspis)
    • Fix crash on app version editing (Dendraspis, #628)
    • MTN Thumbnailer description adjusted (JJKylee)
    • Fixed 'Reset Setting' feature in the Advanced menu (stax76)
    • New task dialog with color theme support (stax76)
    • Clicking an option in the video encoder command line preview navigates directly to the UI control (stax76, #617)
    • New font picking task dialog to choose the console font (stax76)
    • DetailSharpen VapourSynth filter profile added (JJKylee, #624)
    • JPSDR 3.2.5 (Clang W7 AVX version)
    • SangNom2 v0.6.0
    • x265 3.5+9+14-6c69ed37d [Mod by Patman]

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