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Hybrid is a free multi-platform tool that allows you to convert almost any video format into the most popular video formats, including H.264, MP4, MKV and AVCHD/Blu-ray
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 2023.12.02.1 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Linux/Unix Mac OS Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Freeware
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Download: Hybrid_2023.12.02.1_SETUP.exe   Hybrid_2023.12.02.1_SETUP.exe

Description:Download Hybrid - installer version
Version:2023.12.02.1 (added Dec 03, 2023 - view changelog)
Size:1281.44 MB

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Main Section
x264 Options
x264 Options
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Crop & Resize


Hybrid is a multi-platform, Qt based frontend tool that allows you to convert almost any video format into the most popular video and disc formats.

Output formats include H.264/Xvid/VP8 (plus ac3/ogg/mp3/aac/flac for audio) within container formats such as mp4/m2ts/mkv/webm, AVCHD and even Blu-ray.

Hybrid includes tagging, chapter, subtitles support for some of the output formats. It also includes a bitrate calculator, job control system, as well as the ability to fine tune x264 encoder settings.

Hybrid is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: ASF, AVI, DivX, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, Xvid
Output Files: AVCHD, Blu-ray, H.264, MKV, MP4, Xvid

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Linux/Unix/Mac OS/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

Version 2023.12.02.1
  • Release Date: Dec 3, 2023
  • Download(s):
    • 2023.12.02.1:
    • *fixed*
      • Subs: subtile sorting in SubtitleQueue
      • Mux: tsMuxeR job optimization fixed
      • Vapoursynth: fixed vsTemporalDegrain2 with FilterQueue
      • Vapoursynth: vsQTGMCFilter lossless + masking
      • Vapoursynth: resize before resize
      • Vapoursynth: descale before deinterlacing
      • Vapoursynth: YUV420PH und YUV444PH handling
      • Vapoursynth: vsGradFun,vsFlash3DB supported color spaces
      • NVEncC: weightP is only available when no b-frames are used
      • NVEnc: MREF boolint mixup
      • Mux: mkv subtitle support XX-XX language tags
      • Muxt: tag handling with mp4box
      • NVEnc: nvenc hardware deinterlacing
      • NVEnc: qsvenc hardware deinterlacing
      • Mux: sub language handling
      • Avisynth: addition handling
      • Audio: 24bit audio to flac handling
      • Avisynth: GenericScriptFilter path handling fix
      • Torch/MLRT: Resizer with interlaced content
      • Avisynth: deinterlace RGB handling fixed in compare view
      • Vapoursynth: vsRGBAdjust small fixes
      • Jobs: adjust chapters and length to cut
      • Vapoursynth: soft telecine handling
      • Jobs: mkvversion check
      • Vapoursynth: ReplaceBlackFrames cpu mode fixed
      • Vapoursynth: VIVTC frame rate calculation fixed
      • MLRT: vsRIFEmlrt requires mod32
      • MLSRT: vs-mlrt + masking issues
      • Output: mp4/mkv container par signaling
      • Torch: and CodeFormer
      • Video: hdr setting for svt hevc
      • Vapoursynth: RealCUGAN fix force tile enabling
      • Torch: vsDPIR FilterQueue
      • Vapoursynth: vsTemporalDegrain2 meBlksz vsTemporalDegrain manual overlap size
      • Vapoursynth: gmfss_union with gmfss_fortuna
      • Jobs: chapter handling
      • Avisynth: 444 downsize
      • Video: H.264 check width/height restriction
      • small cosmetic changes
      • HEVC interlaced handling
      • Avisynth: LSFMod, LSF allow YUV420, YUV422, YUV444
      • Vapoursynth: RIFE/RIFEmlrt up to 4.12_lite
      • vsRorsch: vsTorchRIFE up to 4.11
      • Mux: tsMuxer calls
      • Vapoursynth: enabled vsKillerSpots advanced
      • Jobs: allow thd for mp4 muxing
      • Vapoursynth: VSGAN detection
      • Vapoursynth: sRestore havsfunc -> core =1, muvsfunc => linear
      • Input: MakeMKV interlaced handling
      • Vapoursynth: vsVagueDenoise -> vsNeoVagueDenoise
      • Video: avc support 6.0-6.1 levels
      • Vapoursynth: vsMCTemporalDenois no YUV444PS
      • vsmlrt: updated to lates vsmlrt
      • UI: switch to Base-tab if something is dragged into Hybrid
      • Avisynth: add Original/Filtered subtitle when comparing
      • UI: switch to Qt6.6.1 (Windows)
      • Vapoursynth: VSGAN: Allow to apply multiple models, one after the other.
      • DVD: disable DVD reencoding unless Synth is used, due to a bug in mencoder.
      • Vapoursynth: make sure to set scanorder to progressive after deinterlacing/IVTC/ fieldmatching
      • Video: allow aomenc lag-in-frames not just during 2pass encoding
      • Windows addons to GoogleDrive
      • x264: added 'auto color space / bit depth'
      • Vapoursynth: stepped resize: added "CAS(sharpness=X), "aWarpSharp2(depth=X)"
      • Vapoursynth: vsMotionMask, vsDeScratch, vsRemoveDirtMC, vsReplaceSingle, vsChormNR, vsChormNRcuda,VsFillDuplicateFrames, vsReplaceBlackFrames, vsSoftLight
      • Vapoursynth: vsBwdif NNEDI3,edeint-parameters
      • Vapoursynth: experimental support for vsBestSourc
      • NVEncC: 'auto' for b-frame reference
      • NVEncC: ffplayPreview
      • FFvHuff: interlaced support
      • Filtering: crop&resize stepping control
      • Vapoursynth: custom adds 'requiresColorMatrix'
      • Mux: subtitle passthrough title/name ffmpeg
      • MLRT: DPIRmlrt denoise/deblock
      • Filtering: added 'overwrite input frame rate' option
      • Video: DirectSynthLoading for NVEnc&QSVEnc
      • Vapoursynth: more general version of LimitMask through 'Merge'-option
      • Torch: vsGRLIR support
      • Vapoursynth: TFMBobQ/N
      • Linux support
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