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No Longer Scorpio, Xbox One X Fits Immense Power in a Small Package

Posted by: , 15:06 AEST, Mon June 12, 2017

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The Xbox One X loses its Scorpio moniker but gains a new, mini design and a (relatively) high price
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Image/Photo Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has finally unveiled the upgraded Xbox One at E3, providing everything from the first look at the console to its pricing.

The eagerly awaited launch of the Xbox One Scorpio at E3, now officially known as the Xbox One X, hasn't produced a lot of surprises bar one - the size of it.

Despite being able to produce six teraflops of raw power, compared to the 4.2 that the PS4 Pro is capable of, the dimensions of the Xbox One X is actually going to be smaller than the entry level Xbox One S (by about 5mm thinner).

That's partly down to the improved manufacturing process and a new cooling system the Xbox One X employs. The updated Xbox will be using a Hovis vapor-chamber cooling system, which also has the added effect of less noise due to the lack of large cooling fans. A 245 watt internal power supply powers the most powerful console in history, up from the comparatively minuscule 120 watt power supply found in the Xbox One S (the original Xbox One used an external 220 watt one).

The other major surprise may be the system's price. At $499, it's a full $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro (at least at its current pricing - Sony may reveal a price drop at E3), and $150 more expensive than the Xbox One S (which just had a temporary price drop of $50 for selected bundles).

As for the tech specs of the Xbox One X, most of it is already known, and instead, Microsoft chose the E3 event to mainly focus on the design of the new console, a all black monolithic design that's not too dissimilar to the all white Xbox One S and even the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft was keen to point out all existing Xbox One games will be compatible with the console, and even those without 4K displays can benefit from the supersampling of games (rendering games at higher resolutions and then downsample to their 1080p displays to produce a sharper, more detailed image).

Microsoft showed off a demo of Forza Motorsport 7 running at 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second - an indication of things to come with demos of other games at ultra HD resolution including Metro: Exodus, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Anthem. And yes, you can even play Minecraft in 4K.

The Xbox One X, like the Xbox One S, includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray reader drive that will make the console capable of playing the latest 4K movies on disc.

The Xbox One X launches worldwide on November 7.

[via Gamespot]


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