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U.S. Game Console Sales: Xbox One Tops PS4 for Third Month in a Row

Posted by: , 12:42 AEDT, Sun October 16, 2016

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It's the third month in a row, and the Xbox One S has proved to be a huge success, helping the console record another win against the PS4
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The Xbox One is on a roll, with the console outselling the PS4 for the third month in a row. This latest win comes via the NPD sales report, which charts U.S. video game sales for the month of September.

The rise of the Xbox One, for which sales have lagged behind the PS4 by almost a 2-to-1 margin, can be solely attributed to the release of the updated Xbox One S. The smartly priced console comes that with built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray playback (something no other video game console is capable of) has been a huge success for Microsoft, with sales dramatically up after the console's debut in July.

This latest win for Microsoft is also extra significant due to the fact that Sony also released their own updated console halfway through September, the PS4 Slim. The updated PS4 comes in a smaller package, but does not include Ultra HD Blu-ray playback.

Sony will also launch another updated console, the PS4 Pro, in November. The PS4 Pro will feature updated hardware to allow the console to handle more complex graphics, but also skips adding the ability to play the latest 4K discs.

Microsoft also has another console update planned for late 2017, the Xbox One Scorpio. When launched, it is expected to be the most powerful console on the market, and may give gamers the ability to play some games at full 4K resolution.


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