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Black Friday Sales: PS4 Beats Xbox One in November

Posted by: , 13:12 AEDT, Sat December 12, 2015

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PS4 tops Xbox One in the crucial month of November
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

The PS4 has beaten the Xbox One in sales in November, for the lucrative US market, according to Sony. Sony made the announcement ahead of the official NPD report for the US market, due out next week.

This is a major coup for Sony, as Microsoft's "greatest gaming line-up ever" strategy failed to allow it to claim victory for the very important month of November (which also includes the Black Friday sales), a month that the Xbox One won last year.

For this year's Black Friday sales event, both Sony and Microsoft discounted their flagship consoles to only $300 (an offer that has now been extended by both companies until the end of the holiday shopping season). This price parity meant that Microsoft's sole advantage was its "greatest" gaming line-up, which includes exclusives such as Halo 5, as well as new games in the Forza, Gears of War and Assassin’s Creed series. In an indirect way, the Xbox One's new Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature for selected 360 games, also helped Microsoft puff up its gaming line-up for November.

Both companies released statements stating that November had been the best November ever for both consoles, suggesting that sales of both consoles are growing strongly.

While it's still possible that the Xbox One actually had the better Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it appears that for the entire November at least, Sony's console, which many gamers considers to be superior in performance to the Xbox One, was the one that had the "greatest" month.


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