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Sony to Developers: Prepare for PS4.5 with 4K Graphics

Posted by: , 17:38 AEDT, Tue March 22, 2016
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More hints Sony are going to release a more powerful version of the PS4
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Sony plans to release an updated version of the PS4 with an updated GPU that would allow games top run in 4K resolution.

Sony executives previously hinted at such a console last year, but this is the first report which suggests that game developers are already briefed on the beefed up PS4.

Apart from 4K graphics, the new more powerful console would allow for an enhanced PlayStation VR experience, using the headset add-on that will launch later this year.

And based on previous rumors, Sony might use the chance in introducing a new SKU to replace the existing Blu-ray drive with a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, allowing the now more powerful PS4.5 to play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies as well.

Microsoft may not be far behind with similar plans for their Xbox One console, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently hinting of an "upgrade" to the Xbox One hardware.


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