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Rumor: Xbox One Mini to Be Released without Blu-ray Drive

Posted by: , 15:16 AEST, Fri August 28, 2015

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Rumors points to a new Xbox One Mini console, one that won't come with a Blu-ray drive!
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Image/Photo Credit: Mack Male @ Flickr, CC

The latest rumors suggests Microsoft may soon announce a brand new version of the Xbox One that comes without a Blu-ray drive.

The all digital video game console will only be able to play digitally downloaded games, but without a Blu-ray drive that currently occupies as much as a third of the space in the existing Xbox One console, the new console, dubbed the Xbox One Mini, will be much smaller in size.

The removal of the Blu-ray drive, along with successful efforts by AMD to shrink the console's APU from 28nm to a cheaper and more power efficient 20nm process, will also make the Xbox One Mini much cheaper, yet still capable of playing all Xbox One games.

The new console, if the rumors prove to be true, will also retain Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for digital games.

According to the rumor, the new Xbox One, along with new Surface Pro and Lumia devices, will be unveiled at a Microsoft hardware event in October.


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