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Sony Exec Hints At 'Super' PS4 with Better CPU, GPU, Ultra HD Blu-ray Support

Posted by: , 19:21 AEDT, Mon October 26, 2015

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"Super PS4" may come with better CPU, GPU and new Ultra HD Blu-ray playback capabilities
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Vice President Masayasu Ito has hinted at the possibility of releasing an enhanced, higher performance version of the PS4 that would also support Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

Speaking to Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, Mr. Ito talked openly on a variety of topics regarding Sony's gaming line-up, but was unusually candid when asked about Sony's plans for future PS4 SKUs.

Ito hinted that it would not be implausible for Sony to release a high performance, enhanced version of the PS4 that would have better gaming performance

When probed on the question of Ultra HD Blu-ray support for the PS4, Ito confirmed that the Blu-ray drive used in the PS4 cannot read the triple-layer media that is used by the new 4K Blu-ray format, and as a result, existing PS4s have no way to play these new discs scheduled to come out at the end of the year.

However, Ito again hinted that an enhanced PS4 model could possible also include a new disc reader, which would then allow the PS4 to play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

While Sony may indeed have such plans, the real question, according to Ito, is whether there's a market for a souped up PS4, one that will also play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. Ito cites the fact that very few homes have 4K TVs that are needed to view Ultra HD Blu-ray at their best, and the added cost of a new disc drive and the hardware upgrades for the "super PS4", might mean a PS4 that would be too expensive to make commercial sense for the company.


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