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Xbox One Won't Support Blu-ray 3D Titles At Launch

Posted by: , 22:15 AEDT, Sat November 9, 2013

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Xbox One won't be able to play Blu-ray 3D titles, Microsoft rep confirms
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Image/Photo Credit: Microsoft

As we get closer to the launch of both Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One next-gen consoles, more and more surprising omissions are being discovered. Last week, it was the PS4's lack of audio CD, MP3 and DLNA support that made headlines. And now, Cnet has discovered that Microsoft's Xbox One won't play Blu-ray 3D movies.

The Xbox One is Microsoft's first console to include a Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray movie playback, but Cnet talked to a Microsoft rep who confirmed that the Xbox One won't be able to play Blu-ray 3D movies, at least not at launch.

The rep told Cnet that the feature may be added to the console in the future.

Sony has yet to confirm whether the PS4, which supports 3D gaming, will play Blu-ray 3D movies. Sony's current console, the PS3, currently supports Blu-ray 3D playback.

A quick browse of comments on the Cnet article indicates most users are not too fussed about the omission, at least compared to the public outcry over Sony's decision not to include MP3 playback and DLNA support for the PS4.


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