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PS4 Surprises: No Audio CD, MP3 Playback, DLNA Not Supported

Posted by: , 22:10 AEDT, Sat November 2, 2013
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Sony's PS4 can't play audio CDs, lacks MP3 support, and will no longer act as a DLNA client for home media streaming
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Sony has released what they call the ultimate FAQ for their upcoming PS4 console, and the company revealed a few surprises, not all of them good according to the public reaction.

In a surprising move, the PS4 will no longer support the playback of audio CDs. It is unknown if this is a hardware issue, in that the optical drive lacks the ability to read CDs altogether, or a software decision. Even the workaround of ripping audio CDs to MP3s won't work on the PS4, as the console also doesn't support the playback of MP3s.

The PS3 can play audio CDs and MP3s natively.

Perhaps the biggest omission from the list of expected PS4 features is the lack of DLNA support, which allows media to be streamed from compatible devices. The PS3's DLNA support has allowed the console to become the hub of many user's home entertainment needs, allowing audio, video and photos stored on a computer to be streamed to the PS3 via the user's home network. 

But the PS4 will no longer support DLNA streaming, meaning the only way to get media files (other than MP3s) to play on the console would be via a USB storage device. Most of Sony's other consumer electronic products, including Blu-ray players and Smart TVs, all support DLNA streaming.

Gaming rival Microsoft wasted no time in taking advantage by stressing the Xbox One's ability to play audio CDs and the console's full support for DLNA streaming. MP3 playback is not natively supported, but MP3s can be streamed to the Xbox One via its Play To receiver functionality from any compatible Play To device (including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 PCs, Windows Phone, Surface tablets).

Gamers have not responded well to the news. One comment for the FAQ reads "No DLNA media server support is a huge fail and making me rethink my pre-order". Another reads: "Disappointed to hear about the lack of dlna and mp3 playback. I may have to give xbox one a 2nd look."

Others have accused Sony of being anti-consumer, by removing CD and MP3 playback and forcing PS4 owners to use Sony's Music Unlimited service.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was quick to dismiss the anti-consumer label, explaining that these features were never intended to be implemented, rather than removed at a later stage intentionally. Yoshida also acknowledged the public backlash against the lack of MP3 and DLNA support, tweeting that these feature may be added to the PS4 at a later time.


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