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Breaking Bad Finale Breaks Piracy Records

Posted by: , 23:13 AEST, Sat October 5, 2013

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Internet users were breaking bad over the Breaking Bad finale, with half a million copies of the final episode downloaded in the first 12 hours alone
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More than 500,000 people downloaded the the eagerly awaited finale of Breaking Bad in just the first 12 hours, data obtained by TorrentFreak shows.

Once again, Australia topped the list of countries where downloaders come from, an amazing feat for a country with just over half as many people as California. 18% of all downloaders came from the land down under.

The next most "piratey" country was the US, where 14.5% of downloaders came from. 

And despite the availability of the finale on Netflix UK just 24 hours after the US airing, 9.3% of downloaders were still from the UK. This is unsurprising, given that even a few hour delay can encourage users who are already paying to watch shows on cable to download illegally, as was the case in Australia with Game of Thrones.

Overall, the most popular copy of the finale floating around on torrent networks recorded, at its peak, 85,000 users partaking in the downloading frenzy at the same time. While these Breaking Bad numbers were a record for the show itself, the "blue meth" of piracy still belongs to the season finale of Game of Thrones, when at its peak, more than 170,000 users were downloading a single copy of the episode at the same time.


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