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Film Fresh to Sell DivX Movies

Posted by: , 13:11 AEST, Thu August 27, 2009

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Online video distributor, Film Fresh, has announced it will start selling blockbuster movies in the DivX format which can be played on a variety of devices

Film downloads from Film Fresh are formatted using DivX technology, which means that you can watch your films in many different settings.

You watch your Film Fresh purchases on both PCs and Apple computers. But thanks to DivX technology, you can also burn your films to DVD and watch them in your living room on your television. Your Film Fresh movies will play in a variety of standard and Blu-Ray DVD players. And you can watch them on PlayStation 3.

The DivX file format offers reasonably high quality videos at a reasonably small file size, which makes it good for digital distribution.

Film Fresh has about 600 DivX titles from Hollywood studios right now, including a mix of newer and older movies including Iron Man, Watchmen, and Flashdance.


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