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Vudu Goes with Entone Set-top Box

Posted by: , 10:48 AEST, Wed May 6, 2009

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The video-on-demand provider has partnered up with the IPTV set-top box provider Entone to brings you HD movies and

The video-on-demand provider Vudu has teamed up with the IPTV set-top box provider Entone to incorporate HD movies and TV shows to its next generation IPTV set-top box.

Unlike other set-top boxes, Entone's next generation receiver will have Vudu movies and TV shows built in. 

The box will provide:

  • Dual-stream IP to deliver high-def on one stream & standard-def on the other
  • Compatible with your home’s existing coax line
  • Supports videos up to 1080p
  • Networked media sharing including the Vudu service
  • Streaming to multiple TVs

The goal of a "all-in-one" box is getting closer and closer to your living room .


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