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Nintendo Wii News & Rumors

Posted by: , 12:17 AEST, Wed April 15, 2009

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New Wiimote add-ons that would provide more accuracy coming soon and rumors about the Wii 2 and what it will bring

Nintendo announced last summer that it would be updating its Wiimote controllers with an add-on called MotionPlus that promises "true 1:1 response in gameplay."  The unit, which plugs into the bottom port on the Wiimote will retail for $19.99 and become available after July 26th.

Now on to the Wii 2 (Wii HD?) rumors.  Some are guessing the new revised Wii will go into the high definition arena sporting some HDMI hookups.  720p will most likely be the highest resolution but, lets face it, 1080p is alittle overkill and wouldn't be fully utilized. 

Another major rumor is that it wouldn't even have controls (Wiimotes).  It would involve special gloves, motion-tracking body suits or even a head-mounted gadget that responds to facial twitches and brainwave monitoring.


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