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RealNetwork Sues the MPAA

Posted by: , 13:35 AEST, Wed October 1, 2008

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RealNetwork sues MPAA to prove that RealDVD does not break a DVD's CSS encryption in the process of copying a DVD but also includes another layer of protection

Real argues that its $49 RealDVD application does not break a DVD's CSS encryption in the process of copying a DVD, and further, that it "also adds another layer of digital rights management encryption that effectively locks the DVD copy to the owner's computer.

The MPAA argues that RealDVD illegally bypasses the CSS copyright protection system on DVDs, in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

RealDVD allows consumers to securely store, manage and play their DVDs on their computers. RealDVD provides consumers with a great solution for the playback and management of their DVD collections while adding security that is more robust than CSS.


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