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Legal DVD Ripping

Posted by: , 23:42 AEST, Wed September 10, 2008

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Real Networks has announced "RealDVD", a new program that allows consumers to "rip" or copy DVDs

There are many free tools available for DVD ripping, but these are all illegal under the US DMCA and similar legislations around the world. However, Real Networks is bringing you software that makes DVD ripping both easy and %100 legal.

RealDVD software will rip the entire contents of a DVD including the special features, menus, etc., to your computer. It will also categorize the movies for you by the actual covers.

You ask yourself, "What is the difference between this program and the illegal alternatives?"   Simple, RealDVD also copies the DRM and adds another layer of DRM on top of that (to prevent P2P file sharing), therefore making it unable to played on any other computer (or copied to another hard-disk, even on the same computer).

The cost for the software is $40, and $20 for each additional PC.  (I have 2 laptops and a desktop so I would pay $60 just to watch the same movie on all 3 PCs...Yea I see that happening)

As of right now, there is only a "Windows" version but Real said they are working on "Mac" version.


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