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SlotMusic to Replace CDs

Posted by: , 04:49 AEST, Tue September 23, 2008

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SlotMusic is the new digital audio format backed by the big four record labels that carry no DRM out to replace physical media such as CDs

SlotMusic cards will be packaged with a tiny USB sleeve, which will allow buyers to play the music in any portable device with a microSD slot such as cell phones.  They will also be able to be used in any device with a USB interface (such as PCs).

All the music will be saved in 320 kb/s quality and that the SlotMusic cards will hold 1 GB worth of data meaning there will be plenty of room for other stuff besides music.  There is no DRM so you should be able to copy the music to any other storage device. 

Perhaps DVDs are next?

(Not sure how that prevents piracy or even makes it harder to copy than CDs).


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