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High End Blu-ray Player by Yamaha

Posted by: , 12:13 AEST, Wed August 27, 2008

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Yamaha just announced a new $1200 High-End Blu-ray player that has great and unique features

The new BD-S2900 offers industry-leading HD and virtual multimedia capabilities such as 1080p/24fps-compatible HDMI, 12-bit Deep Color, HD audio bitstream output, BONUSVIEW functions, and Picture-in-Picture.

Blu-ray Discs are one of the best ways to take advantage of the great entertainment that high-definition video and audio makes possible. Since a single-layer disc holds 25GB of data, a Blu-ray Disc stores five times more data than a standard DVD, providing superb picture resolution and surround sound.

The BD-S2900 offers compatibility with the latest Blu-ray Disc format and the finest audio and video quality, as well as the latest features like Picture-in-Picture (Secondary Video/Audio) and Virtual Package.


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