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Something is Better than Nothing

Posted by: , 04:01 AEDT, Fri March 21, 2008

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Get a gift card and/or trade in your obsolete HD-DVD player at BestBuy or keep it and get the gift card option also
Best Buy said it would give a $50 store gift card for each HD DVD player or add-on purchased at one of their retailing stores.

They will be mailing the gift cards to all identifiable customers (Reward Zone members, etc.) without the need to go into a store.

Beginning March 21 consumers who want to trade in their HD DVD players can go online to and receive trade estimates on the value of their players and movies.

The trade-in program is open to HD DVD consumers regardless of where they purchased their player. Interested customers can call 1-888-BEST-BUY for more information.


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