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HD-DVD Delayed Again

Posted by: , 15:36 AEST, Tue April 18, 2006
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BestBuy & Wal-mart both have said they are still waiting for their shipments of players and disc's
High-def DVD enthusiasts chomping at the bit for next Tuesday's arrival of the first HD-DVD players and discs may have to wait a few days more, with growing indications that initial product shipments may not make it into some stores in time for launch.

After months of delays and false starts, things had been looking promising through much of this past week for next Tuesday's planned launch. Boosting hopes was Universal's last-minute announcement earlier this week of its first HD-DVD disc title, 'Serenity,' which the studio announced it would rush-release to coincide with the arrival of Toshiba's first players on Tuesday.

However, with only four days to go before launch, major online retailers are now reporting that they have yet to receive their initial product shipments, forcing last-minute revisions of availability estimates for customers. As of early today (Friday), online giant Best Buy had extended the estimated arrival time on their product pages for both of Toshiba's HD-DVD players to a week-long window ranging from April 17 to April 24 -- possibly a week later than expected. More...

Credit: High-Def DVD Digest


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