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Its Never to Early

Posted by: , 08:22 AEDT, Tue February 12, 2008
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Even though the digital transitions of analog TV's isn't suppose to happen until 2009, Wal-Mart is already prepared for consumers by offering coupons for converters
While many in the United States know that the transition to digital TV broadcasts will begin in early 2009, there are still some that are totally oblivious to the switch over and why its being done.

If you don't have a digital convertor box, you will not be capable of receiving digital broadcasts that are not connected to satellite or cable services will no longer be able to receive programming.

To help the less fortunate consumers, the U.S. government is offering coupons to help reduce the cost of the converters for affected households. Consumers will be eligible for up to two $40 coupons which can be used towards the purchase price of a converter box.

Wal-Mart now has one of the cheapest converters out at a price of $49.87. That leaves consumers paying about $10 out of their own pocket to continue to watch over the air programming with old analog only TVs.


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